Italian Conversational Agents
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We are the best authoring team to create and manage Italian chatbots and voice interfaces.
Kapamo's team developed bots for Telecom Italia, Expo2015, Lactalis Italia, bTicino-Legrand and many other companies.
Panloquacity and Dialogflow are our preferred authoring tools, however we can work with other tools, too.

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Tourist Conversational Interface
The new way to give information to guests and tourists

A virtual host that provides information to guests by chatting on mobile devices or on smart speakers.
The virtual host can provide both area and local information. Area information is related to the town, natural or cultural points of interest, tourist routes, social events, history etc.
Presented at Hotel2018 Bolzano Hospitality International Fair.

The new tool to create massive Q&A bots for Google Home, Alexa and messaging systems!

Panloquacity allows you to create conversational interfaces, text or voice, and to publish them on messaging channels (Telegram, Facebook, Skype, web) or voice (Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) by keeping all knowledge and conversation in one place.
Panloquacity, Kapamo's proprietary software, creates voice and text chatbot easily and without coding.
Panloquacity is focused on informational bots. It is unique for its method of organizing knowledge, for its great focus on learning from dialogues and for allowing teamwork development.


Social good
special solutions for special people

Kapamo has a "social good vocation" (“vocazione sociale” under the Italian Law).
Kapamo's products include "special solutions for people with special needs": digital products to help refugees and people with mental, physical and sensory disabilities.
We are working with Trieste's University on a conversational user interfaces (CUI) for visually-impaired students and an inclusive virtual tourist guide.

Smart Labels
Conversational Products to dialogue with your customers

A digital and conversational dimension for every physical product. By adding a QR-code to the product label, it is possible to associate a conversational agent with the product itself.
Kapamo's team has developed conversational labels for extra virgin olive oils from the Association of Oil Women Entrepreneurs.
Kapamo is developing a smart label research project for coffee too; it's a conversational agent that tells you about the origin and characteristics of coffees.
Products include also cosmetic and herbal medicine as well as manuals for coffee and washing machines.


Kapamo focuses on conversational user interface (CUI): chatbot and "voice first" interfaces. The team at Kapamo has designed and developed CUI for Telecom Italia, EXPO2015, Lactalis-Italia, bTicino-Legrand and other companies. Kapamo's CUIs are based on the main NLP (natural language processing) platforms like Dialogflow (Google) and Alexa (Amazon) so as to reach the users "where they are", with instant messaging channels (messenger, telegram, skype etc.), the web, mobile apps and, most relevant, smart speakers as Amazon Echo or Google Home.
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